Predictive ETA

In this article, you will learn about Predictive ETA, ETA vs. ETC, and Predictive ETA notifications.



Predictive ETA

Predictive ETA is an advanced feature that provides dynamic estimates of arrival (ETA) and estimates of completion (ETC) times for every delivery assigned to a driver. This is in addition to the ETA’s provided on all active tasks. An Estimated Time of Completion (ETC) differs from the ETA in that it represents the time of arrival and the time spent on location (“service time”).

Note: Estimated route start and completion times are also calculated for each driver when the Route Optimization feature is used. 

In order to use the ‘Predictive ETA' feature, the Admin user must enable it in the add-on section in the account settings. Predictive ETA is available to Basic plans and above while Predictive ETA-based notifications are included in Premium plans and above. 


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Toggle between ETA and ETC

In the dashboard sidebar, you can toggle between estimated arrival (ETA) and completion (ETC) using the flag icon. The flag facing left represents the ETA, and the flag facing the right represents the ETC.




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Delay Monitoring

Tasks that have a “Complete Beforetime window that has been violated are considered delayed and use the following color scheme:

  • Gold flag:  1- 30-minute delay
  • Orange flag: 30+ minute delay



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Predictive ETA Notification

A Predictive ETA notification is an SMS sent to recipients at a selected threshold between 1 and 8 hours before the task’s ETA. These are configured in the Communications tab in Settings.

You can find more information on Predictive ETA notifications in the blog article found here. 



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