In this article, you will learn about the add-ons available to customize the features and functionality of your Onfleet organization. The add-ons can be accessed from the "Add-ons" tab in your admin's organization settings.

This article will cover:

Note: Available features are based on the pricing plan for your organization. If you see Upgrade Required where the toggle switch would be, please upgrade your organization's plan to access that feature.


Linked Tasks

Task linking allows you to enforce a dependency structure between tasks.  This is useful if your operations require more than one stop to fulfill an order, or when you need to enforce a task(s) as a prerequisite to another. 

Enabling the "Linked Tasks" add-on allows dispatchers to add or delete these relationships from inside the dashboard. 

Learn more about managing linked tasks in the dashboard in the article: Managing Linked Tasks.

Linked task relationships can also customize recipient notification behavior. Learn more about linked "dependency notifications" in the article: Customized Communications.


Note: Linked task relationships can always be created via the API. If you do not want dispatchers to be able to add, edit or delete these in the dashboard, keep this add-on disabled.

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Route Optimization

Enable the Route Optimization add-on to utilize our automated route planning engine. Route Optimization is included with the Launch, Scale and Enterprise accounts. 

The Route Optimization algorithm considers hubs, delivery locations, time windows, driver schedules, vehicle capacities, service time, real-time/ historical traffic data, and road speeds/ restrictions to produce efficient, optimized routes.

Learn more about managing and using Route Optimization in the article: Route Optimization.

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Onfleet Chat

Enable the Onfleet Chat add-on to use our internal chat platform for Dispatcher to Dispatcher and Dispatcher to Driver communication without leaving the Onfleet app. Onfleet Chat is included with the Launch, Scale, and Enterprise accounts. 

Learn more about internal communication in the article: Onfleet Chat.

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Predictive ETA

Enable the Predictive ETA add-on to see estimated times of arrival and completion for on-duty drivers and optimized routes. Onfleet utilizes historical data and advanced machine learning to provide your operations teams and customers with incredibly accurate predictions. Predictive ETAs are available on Launch, Scale, and Enterprise accounts. Predictive ETA notifications are available on Scale and Enterprise plans only.

Learn more about Predictive ETAs and more in the article: Predictive ETA and ECT

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Barcode Scanning

Enable the Barcode Scanning add-on to capture and verify barcodes for proof of delivery via the Android and iOS driver mobile app. Barcode scanning is available in the Scale and Enterprise plans.

Learn more about Barcode Scanning features in the article: Barcode Scanning.

While there is not set limit on how many barcodes can be scanned for a task, there is an internal size limit of 4MB for tasks as a whole. Onfleet recommends a maximum of 300 barcodes be scanned for a singular task. 

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ID Scanning and Age Verification

Enable the ID Scanning and Age Verification add-on to scan government-issued IDs and other PDF-417 barcoded documents to verify recipients meet alcohol, prescription, or other age requirements. ID Scanning and Age Verification are included with Scale and Enterprise plans and are limited to organizations operating in the US and Canada.

Learn more about Barcode Scanning features in the article: ID Scanning and Age Verification.

A verification age must be provided in the task's properties to use this feature. 

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