Task Overview

In this article, you will learn what a task is and how to populate them into Onfleet (without using the API).

This article covers:

Create a Task Manually

A task is the core unit of work to be completed by drivers (ex: a pickup OR delivery).  To create a task manually, click the + button in the toolbar and select New Task… or use the keyboard shortcut T. You can also create a task from the map.

A window will appear with required fields to designate a recipient (or none), the type of task (dropoff or pickup), as well as a destination. Optional fields such as recipient notes, task details and a delivery time window are also available.





If the task includes a recipient, the name and phone number are required. If this recipient has been created before, the phone number will be recognized and the name and notes will fill automatically. To remove a recipient, suppressing all notifications for this task, simply check the box labeled No recipient.

Recipient notes should be used for specific instructions that apply to all tasks for this recipient ie: door codes, special drop-off locations, warnings, etc. Recipient notes will remain attached to this recipient and will appear on all their tasks until overwritten or deleted.


Optional details can be added to describe the work to be performed, the items to pickup/deliver, or even a link to an external document, website, or app.


A destination address must be entered and selected from the available drop-down options. If your address cannot be found or is invalid, you will need to correct it and select from the drop-down to continue.

Note: Only addresses with a street name and number are considered valid. Addresses without a street name and number or more generally described (e.g. "Pier 4") will not be accepted.

Geocoding can be skipped during task creation by entering coordinates for the task destination in the dashboard and on task import sheets. Destination details must be input to be displayed to drivers and dispatchers, however, they aren't used in geocoding.

Alternatively, you can also create a task from a specific location on the map. Destination coordinates will be captured through the map at the exact location where the task has been created. 

Time Window

If your tasks follow a schedule or you have provided an estimated fulfillment time to your customer, use the time window section to establish a Complete After and Complete Before time.

Route Optimization Constraints

Note: You must enable Route Optimization to see and use this feature. For more information- check out this article.

Optionally, you can specify a task's quantity and individual service time to be considered during route optimization. See Define a Task's Quantity and Service Time.


Assignment of the task to a driver (or a Connected Organization) can be performed now, or you can do it after task creation via the sidebar or map.


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Clone a Task

To create a new task with all the same details as another task, right-click on the task in the sidebar to open the context menu and select the "Clone" option:


Alternatively, you can also open the task by double-clicking it on the map or sidebar and selecting "Clone" at the bottom left corner.

Note that the recipient and destination are always retained. Complete After/Before times are also carried over if that time hasn't already passed, and the task metadata and barcode fields will be checked by default if they are present in the task.

Finally, all metadata associated with the original task will also be carried over when that task is cloned. Your newly cloned task will appear in the unassigned section of the sidebar.

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Create a Task From the Map

To create a task from the map, right-click on any location on the map which best corresponds to the delivery address, and select "Create a task here":


A window will appear with required fields to designate a recipient (or none) and the type of task (Dropoff or Pickup).

The recipient's destination coordinates will be captured through the map at the exact location where the task has been created. If you'd like to edit or verify the destination details, click the "Edit Destination Details" button below the destination coordinates. If a street address can be derived from the coordinates, it will appear here and can be edited further. Keep in mind that the Destination Details are for display purposes only and the coordinates will be used to place the pin and to navigate the driver.

Optional fields such as recipient notes, task details, a delivery time window, and assignment to a driver are also available. For a detailed walk-through about manual task creation through the dashboard, please see here.

If the recipient of a task you are creating has already been a recipient in the past, the fields will auto-complete based on the phone number you enter in the first field, once you de-select that field.

If you would like to update the recipient name associated with a phone number that you have already entered, you may do so. This will update that name within your Onfleet dashboard database for any instances of that phone number moving forward.

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