Performance Mode

In this article, you will learn about Onfleet's optional Performance Mode for high-volume organization and additional tips to ensure you and your team have the best dashboard performance when using Onfleet. 

This article covers: 

Performance Mode

Performance mode is an optional setting intended to improve dashboard performance for organizations that have very high daily task volumes (several thousand) and/or hundreds of daily active drivers. Please contact our Support team to have Performance Mode turned on for your organization.

With "Performance Mode" enabled, the admin user and all dispatchers for your organization will have their dashboard filters updated to 'No drivers' and 'No tasks' upon login, and each time the page is reloaded.

This improves the initial loading speed considerably and allows the dispatcher to choose precisely which filters to apply to reduce loading time while performing dispatching duties.


Furthermore, visual assets will render with fewer visual effects and lower quality when in high-performance mode.

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Dashboard Performance Tips

To ensure you and your team have optimal performance, we also recommend following these suggestions: 

1. Ensure all tabs on your browser are closed and only dispatch or business pertinent tabs are open. 

2. Close any non-essential memory using applications on your system. 

3. Use "Table View" for high-volume operations instead of "Map View". 

4.  Follow our dispatching set-up recommendations. 

5.  Use the dashboard filter to filter out any unnecessary teams or drivers on your dashboard. 


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