Dashboard filtering

Dashboard filtering allow you to quickly change the visual context of your organization's map and sidebar views. To access filters, click the binocular icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Multiple changes to filters can be made at once and are submitted as a batch change upon dismissal of the window.

Once submitted, you can easily review which filters have been applied by referring to the informational text to the right of the binocular icon. 


The filter window is divided into three sections: Date/Time, Teams, and Status.


The date/time filter allows you to select a single day to visualize in the dashboard. By default, the date/time filter will be set to the current day for monitoring of your real-time operations. You can review completed tasks by picking a day in the past or plan future routes by picking a day in the future.

The view will default to 12AM today to 12AM tomorrow with the option to filter +/– 6 hours beyond the present date. Simply slide the slider to the left to include the previous day's tasks, or to the right to include the next day's tasks. This 36-hour slider provides further flexibility to narrow the results to a specific time window, such as your organization's business hours. Note: tasks which belong to a period outside your selected day/time will not be visible after the filters have been applied.



The teams filter allows you to select specific organizational units to focus on. This becomes especially useful when teams represent a specific geographic area. For example, you can disable all teams except the one you wish to focus on, then use the scale to fit icon (under the map zoom control in the top left corner of the map) to focus the map's extent to just your chosen team(s). Drivers and assigned tasks which belong to deselected teams will not be visible after the filters have been applied.



The status filters allow you to change visibility of drivers and tasks based on their current status. If a driver or task changes into/out-of this status while the filter is enabled, they will appear/disappear in real-time. Tasks assigned to drivers whose statuses are deselected will not be visible after the filters have been applied. Tasks whose statuses are deselected will not be visible after the filters have been applied.

At the bottom of the status tab is a check box labeled "Only show (#) Min Delayed." Selection of this filter will show only drivers and tasks which are currently delayed (already late or will be late based on calculated ETA) by the number of minutes chosen in the number field. All teams, drivers and tasks not delayed will be invisible after this filter is applied.

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