Filters and Search

In this article, you will learn best practices for using Onfleet's dashboard filters, search tool, and find tool for finding the exact data that you are looking for.

This article covers:


The dashboard filter allows users to quickly one in on only the activities or users they are interested in seeing. To access the dashboard filters, click the "Filters" icon located at the bottom left corner of the dashboard.  This will open the filters window, which allows you to toggle between "Date/Time", "Teams" and "Status".

Set your filter options, then click the "Apply" button located at the bottom right of the filter window. Once submitted, you can easily review which filters have been applied by referring to the text and icons at the bottom of your dashboard, which reflect the options you have selected

The date/time filter allows you to select a single day to visualize in the dashboard. By default, the date/time filter will be set to the current day for monitoring your real-time operations.

You can review completed tasks by picking a day in the past or plan future routes by picking a day in the future.

The view will default from 12 AM current date to 12 AM the next day with the option to filter +/– 6 hours beyond the present date. Simply move the slider to the left to include the previous day's tasks, or to the right to include the next day's tasks. This 36-hour slider provides further flexibility to narrow the results to a specific time window, such as your organization's business hours.

Note: Tasks that belong to a period outside your selected day/time will not be visible after the filters have been applied.


The "Teams" filter allows you to select specific teams you are assigned to that you would like to view. If you deselect a team, you will no longer be able to view the tasks and drivers assigned to that team on your dashboard view. 


The "Status" filters allow you to change the visibility of drivers and tasks based on their current status. If a driver or task changes into/out-of-this status while the filter is enabled, they will appear/disappear in real-time.

Tasks assigned to drivers whose statuses are deselected will not be visible after the filters have been applied. Tasks whose statuses are deselected will not be visible after the filters have been applied.

At the bottom of the status tab is a checkbox labeled "Only show (#) Min Delayed". The selection of this filter will show only drivers and tasks which are currently delayed (already late or will be late based on calculated ETA) by the number of minutes chosen in the number field. All teams, drivers, and tasks not delayed will be invisible after this filter is applied.

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When you are in "Map View" you will be able to find Onfleet's search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard. This search bar can be used to find matching Tasks, Recipients, Drivers, and Task Notes such as information placed into the Recipient/Task/Destination notes section of a task.

Text-based Queries

Perform a standard text search from tasks (address, notes, short id), recipients (name, notes, phone number), or drivers (name, phone number) to get results that match the query.

State-based Queries

There are several keywords that can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with text-based queries to restrict the results received according to task and driver state criteria.

Tasks and drivers

Search Command Matches
Active All active tasks
Completed All completed tasks
Failed All completed, failed tasks
Successful  All completed, successful tasks
Unassigned All unassigned tasks
All drivers All drivers
Drivers online All on-duty drivers
Drivers in transit All drivers currently in transit

Connected Organization Tasks

Search Command Matches
Delegated All tasks sent to connected orgs
Incoming All tasks from connected orgs

Time-based Queries

Time-based keywords restrict search results to a specific day or date/time range. The following can be used by themselves, or in conjunction with text-based and/or state-based queries.

Search Command
Last week
Last < day of week >
Next < day of week >
< Month > < day >
< Month > < day1 > - < day2 >
< time > MM/DD/YY
< time1 > - < time2 >

Other notes

Search is tolerant of typos. For simple misspellings, you may still receive results with the closest match.

Search history is currently restricted to the past 30 days for tasks.

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The Find bar is found in the Table view of the dashboard. The Find bar can be used to find matching Tasks, Recipients, Drivers, Quantity, and Service Time; however, it cannot be used to find Task Notes, Recipient Notes, or Destination Notes. 


The query format used for the Search bar in the map view dashboard also applies to the Find bar in Table View. 

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