In this article, you will learn about the Leafly and Onfleet integration. For more information on this integration please go to Leafly's support page. 

Note: This integration is currently in Beta format, to join the Leafly Beta please reach out to Leafly Integrations (api@leafly.com) and copy your Leafly account rep. 

This article will cover:


Leafly is the world’s most trusted destination to discover cannabis products and order them from legal, licensed retailers. More than 100 million people visit Leafly each year to learn more about cannabis and order online with local businesses. The Leafly integration allows Cannabis stores to connect their POS to Onfleet to schedule deliveries for their customers' orders. 

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Integration Requirements

In order to use the Leafly <> Onfleet integration, your organization will need to enable Leafly's delivery feature.  The integration can be used with or without a POS menu integration or an order integration with your organization's POS system.  Leafly also has specific requirements regarding the IHeartJane integrations, to learn more please go here

To start, you will also need to create an API Key and Webhook Secret within your Onfleet administrator account. Here are some quick links to do so:

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Set Up

Once you have set up both the API Key and Webhook Secret, log into your Leafly account to complete the integration. Once you have logged into your Leafly account you can access the integration settings:

  • Sign in to Leafly Biz
  • Navigate to the left side panel, and select the "Settings" arrow
  • Select the "Integrations" option, once the drop-down appears
  • Once on the "Integrations" settings page, select "Delivery" to begin the integration sync process.

Next, you will select the "Connect to Onfleet" option and you will be prompted to enter your Onfleet API key and Webhook secret and click on "Save" on the bottom right corner of the modal. 

For further assistance on this integration please go to the Leafly support page or submit a request with Leafly support. 

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