In this article, you will learn about Onfleet's RESTful API and how to create an API key. 

The Onfleet API is a RESTful web service for developers to programmatically interact with Onfleet's data and real-time delivery management functionality. The complete API documentation is available here. Onfleet also offers additional open-source tooling regarding integrations via the Onfleet API, for more details, please visit our open-source developer repository.

This article will cover:

All requests must be authenticated using one of your organization’s API keys. Your organization's administrator can create and maintain API keys through the "API & Webhooks" tab in their dashboard settings.

Add API Keys

To add an API key, log into your organization's administrator account then select the "Settings" icon located on the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Once the "Settings" modal has opened, select "API & Webhooks". Then, simply click the "+" button at the bottom of the "API Keys" section to create an API key registered with your organization.


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API Key Scope

To limit the scope of an API key you can select "Limit the scope of this key to the tasks it created" under the key's name. You can update a current key by double-clicking it within the API & Webhooks section of your admin account, or by creating a new key and selecting this option. 


An API key with a limited scope can create tasks and only read information pertaining to the tasks created with this key. 

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