Add an Administrator

In this article, you will learn how to add an administrator to your Onfleet organization.

An administrator is a user that can make updates and changes to an organization's settings, dispatchers, drivers, and more but has no access to the billing information for an account while a dispatcher can only access and/or edit task and driver information. If you are adding an administrator to your organization, their email must be unique and not currently being used for another Onfleet account (dispatcher). 

Note: All organizations have one owner ("Account Owner") and can add unlimited administrators and dispatchers. 

This article will cover:

Add an Administrator 

To add an administrator, log into your organization's main account. Once logged in, select the "Settings" icon on the top right corner of the dashboard to open the setting modal.

In the settings modal, select "Admins": 


Once in the Admin modal, select the "+" icon, and add the email address for the team member you would like to have administrative access. The team member will receive an invite to join your organization and will be prompted to create an Onfleet account and log in. 


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Administrator Access

Once added to an account as an administrator, they will have access to the following functions: 

These functions are all applied across the organization, and not solely to the administrator account. Administrators are able to add/remove drivers, dispatchers, teams, and hubs. They can also set up or edit communications to recipients, driver app privileges, tracking page, and hub. 

Note: Administrators will not have access to Billing or be able to change billing information. 

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Remove an Administrator

To remove an administrator, log into the account owner Onfleet account and select the settings icon on the top right corner of the dashboard. Once the "Settings" modal opens, select "Admins" to access a list of all the administrators for your organization. 

Once there, select the administrator's name you would like to remove and click the "-" symbol on the bottom right of the modal; this will permanently remove the administrator and revoke all access to your organization. 



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