In this article, you will learn about Onfleet's integration with Treez. 

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Treez is an enterprise-quality cannabis business management software platform used by dispensaries and cultivations in the United States to track sales and inventory from seed-to-sale. Treez orders are automatically sent to Onfleet. Once a delivery order reaches a status (configurable), the order will automatically be sent to Onfleet, in real-time. 

This integration allows for task creation within Onfleet, and is not a two-way integration. 

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The workflow for your Treez + Onfleet integration will be as follows:

  1. An order that reaches a configurable status within Treez will automatically be sent to Onfleet, in real-time. 
  2. The order will appear in Onfleet including customer information (name, phone) and order information (address, order number, order status, paid status, link to Sell Treez, Ticket, and Delivery Date Time). 

Orders that encounter an error when initially sent to Onfleet can be retried by pressing the "Resend" next to the Onfleet ID. 

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  1. To get started with your Onfleet + Treez integration, you will need an Onfleet account level Basic and above. 
  2. Within your Treez account, under "Delivery Integration Partner" select "Onfleet". 
  3. Obtain an Onfleet API key by following this guide, and enter it into your Treez integration. 
  4. Set the "Send to Delivery Status" threshold within Treez

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If you are running into any errors with your Onfleet integrations please feel free to reach out to the Onfleet Support Team at We strongly recommend reaching out to the Treez's support team as well, since some issues may be originating on the partner's end and Onfleet is unable to view activity on third-party integrations. 

Usually, the most common causes of errors may be due to location and task completion times. Since Onfleet uses Google Maps API to geocode all task locations, we recommend you cross-reference your task address in Google Maps to ensure the location information is correct and in the correct format. 

Task completion times must be in the future, and tasks that are past-dated are, unfortunately, unable to be created or completed within the Onfleet integrations. 

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