Table view

In this article, you will learn about Onfleet's table view and how to utilize it for your organization's needs. Table View is an alternative structured view of the same tasks that are shown in the Map View within your dashboard. 

Thie article covers: 


Tasks are presented as rows in a flexible table format that features task sorting, task property visibility customization, and batch task actions - powerful tools for efficient dispatching, particularly for high task volume operations. 

To switch to the Table view, click the 'Table' tab on the top center of the screen while logged in to the Onfleet dashboard.  


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Filter & Find Tasks

Dashboard filter settings, found at the bottom of the screen, allow you to determine which tasks are visible in the "Table" view in the same way that it does in the Map view.


You can use the "Find" bar to find tasks or recipients by searching text found in any field on any task within your dashboard. Only tasks with a field that matches the text entered, and to view all tasks again, simply delete the text in your Find box. 


Note: Metadata is not searchable within the Onfleet dashboard. 

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You are able to change the column order in the Table view by clicking on the column header and dragging it into a new position. Once you have set the order for your columns, it will be saved for future dashboard sessions. 


Note: The 'ID' column is the only column that cannot be reordered.

To add or remove columns from the table view, click on the column selection button (found just below the logout button) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Note: 'ID', 'Assigned to', 'Destination', 'Status', and 'Task created' columns cannot be removed.

Sort tasks by column
To sort tasks by a specific column, click anywhere on the column header and release. The sorted column is highlighted in blue. All tasks are sorted according to the data type for that column, alphabetical, or chronological. 

Toggle between ascending and descending order by clicking again. 


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View and Edit tasks

To view, a task's full details (including the task timeline, view route, metadata, and any other details not shown in table view) click on the task ID. 

The task can then be edited by clicking the edit button on the bottom left of the task view, in the same way as it is done in the Map view. 

Select multiple tasks
To select one or more tasks, click the checkbox to the left of each task. 

To select a range of tasks:

  1. Select the starting task's checkbox
  2. Hold the 'shift' key
  3. Select the ending task's checkbox

To select all tasks, click the top-most checkbox, found in the column header. Click it again to deselect all tasks.


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Bulk task actions

The Table view allows you to perform bulk actions for ease of use. After selecting at least one task, task action buttons will appear at the top of the table view screen. This allows dispatchers to easily perform batch actions on multiple tasks (up to 500 tasks). 

Bulk actions available are:

Route Optimization

Route Optimization functions as it does within the Map view of the dashboard, select the tasks you would like to optimize. Select "Optimize" and proceed with instructions. You can find more information on Route Optimization here and here. 

Task Assignment

Select the tasks you would change the assignment to, then select "Change Assignment". The "Change Assignment" drop-down will then provide you the options to auto-assign, unassign,  change the connected organization, change team assignment, or driver assignment.

Once you select your option, you can confirm your changes and view them on the tasks. 

Change Completion Time

Select the tasks for which you would like to change the completion time, then select "Change Completion Time". From there you will need to enter a date (MM/DD/YYYY) and time (HH:MM am/pm) for the Complete Before and Complete After time for the tasks.

You will then be asked to confirm the dates and times you would like to change for your selected tasks. 

Delete Tasks

Select the tasks you would like to delete then select the "Delete" option. Once you have confirmed your choice, all tasks selected will be deleted. 

Note: Delete tasks cannot be restored. 

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