Task Assignment

In this article, you will learn how to manually assign tasks to drivers for completion.  Task assignment can also be handled via API or automated using auto-assignment or route optimization.

This article covers:

General Task Assignment

Once you create a task,  there are a few different options as to how you can assign the tasks to the driver. These include: 

  • Dragging it down in the sidebar, from "Unassigned" to the driver you wish to assign it to. You can either drag it on top of the driver’s name to add it to the end of their route or directly into a position in the driver’s route (the list in the sidebar is the same order as the driver sees it in the Onfleet mobile app).
  • Drag from another task marker on the map to the new task in order to add it to the route immediately after that task.
  • Drag from the driver on the map to the new task to add it to the beginning of the driver’s route (or immediately after the current task if the driver is en route to a task).


  • While creating the task, you can assign it to a driver by selecting "Assign" at the bottom of the Task creation window. This action will add the task to the end of the driver’s route.


  • Right-click the task on the dashboard, select "Assign task" and then select the driver or team you would like to assign the task to from the drop-down on the dashboard. 



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Select Multiple/ All Tasks

There are multiple ways in which you can select multiple tasks or all the tasks for a driver/on the dashboard. 

One by One

Mac: CMD + Mouse Left Click

Win: CTL + Mouse Left Click


 In a range

Mac/Win: SHIFT + Mouse Left Click


Within a map region

Mac/Win: SHIFT + Mouse Left Click and Drag


In addition to the above steps, you can select all tasks using the CMD + A (CTL + A on Windows) shortcut on your keyboard.

Much like "Zoom-To-Fit" and right-click options, the "select all" function is contextually aware. Meaning it will select all tasks based on the current list you are using. For example, selecting a driver and using the command will select all tasks in a driver's queue. Pressing it again will move up one step and select all tasks in that driver's team. Pressing it a third time will select all tasks currently visible in the dashboard.


Pressing CMD + A (CTL + A) again adds tasks in the team to the selection:


Within a Zone

If you have an overlay on your map to delegate zones, you can right-click within a zone and click “Select Tasks in Zone” to select all tasks within that zone. 



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Right-Click Task Assignment

On the Onfleet dashboard, you can assign multiple tasks to a driver's queue with one right-click action. This function is useful to save time and eliminate mistakes when handling a high volume of tasks within your dashboard.

Simply highlight all of the tasks that you want to assign to a particular driver (by selecting multiple / all tasks), right-click on the driver's name in the sidebar, and select "Assign Tasks to (driver name)".


Here's a full video that will walk you through how to use right-click task assignment:

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Assign to a Team

If you're managing deliveries across more than one service area or city, or have multiple physical stores/hubs, team assignment is right for you.  With team assignment enabled, your teams can move tasks into a team without assigning them to a driver. Tasks that are assigned to a team will only be visible to other dispatchers if they have been granted permission to that team.

Enable Team Assignment

To enable team assignment, check the Enable team assignment checkbox in the Organization tab of your administrator's dashboard settings.


Once enabled, you can move unassigned tasks from the main Unassigned section into a new section within each team. Once unassigned within a team, it will not be visible to other teams.

There are several ways to assign a task to a team:

  1. Manually in the dashboard, using drag-and-drop in the sidebar
  2. Manually in the dashboard, on creation or edit from the task modal.
  3. On task import.
  4. Through the API, via Manual and Automatic assignment.

Assign via Drag-and-Drop

To assign via drag-and-drop, simply select the desired task(s) and drag them to the desired team. As you drag over a team name, it will highlight white to indicate selection. Drop the tasks into the highlighted team name and they will be assigned to the team. Similarly, you can assign to another team or return to the global Unassigned section by drag-and-drop.


Assign to a Team via Task Creation Window

To assign on manual creation or edit, select your desired team in the Assigned to a section at the bottom of the modal. 


Assign Tasks via Right-Click

Once tasks have been assigned to a driver, you can assign them back to the current team or return to the global Unassigned section by choosing "Assign Tasks to {Team Name}" or "Unassign Tasks to {Your Organization Name}" from the right-click context menu.  


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Re-order Tasks Using the Route Line Tool

As a dispatcher, you can quickly reorder tasks within your dashboard map by dragging from one to the other to "draw" the route. This can allow you to shift the order of the tasks within a driver's queue while visualizing the route on the map within your dashboard.


Here's a full video that will walk you through this feature:

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