Organization Setup

In this article, you will get acquainted with the structure of your Onfleet organization and perform a basic setup.

This article covers: 




Organization Settings

Click the gear icon in the top right of the dashboard to access settings.



From the Organization tab you can configure your organization's settings: 



Organization Logo

Click on the logo icon to insert a custom organization logo. File format must be either JPEG or PNG, and the size must be smaller than 3MB.



 Organization Name

The organization name can be changed by typing the updated name in this text field. Save the changes by clicking Done in the bottom right.




The email address under the "Organization" section is the organization email, it is only used for general organization email/notification purposes, and cannot be used for login.


Admin Email Address

The admin email used for the organization can be changed by selecting "Profile" from the "Settings" page.  Save the changes by clicking Done in the bottom right.

A confirmation email will be sent to the new email that has been entered. Changes to the admin email will not apply until this confirmation has been completed.




Organization Country

The country can be changed by selecting the correct country from the dropdown menu. This will affect which time zones are available. Save the changes by clicking Done in the bottom right.




Organization Time Zone

The organization time zone can be changed by selecting the correct timezone from the dropdown menu. Save the changes by clicking Done in the bottom right.




Organization Phone Number

The organization phone number can be set up in the Admin "User Settings".  This phone number is used if routing calls from recipients to dispatchers are preferred.  



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Team Setup

Teams group drivers and dispatchers together and are used to segment an organization by geographic area, operational unit, or any other desired structure. The administrator has access to all teams while dispatchers and drivers have access only to teams they have been assigned.


To add a team, click the + icon, enter a name and assign drivers and dispatchers. If you do not have drivers or dispatchers to assign, you can add them later.



To edit an existing team, double-click on the team name or select it and click Edit...


To delete a team, select it and then click the - button in the bottom right corner. You can not delete a team that has drivers or dispatchers assigned to it only.


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Hub Setup

A Hub is a central location from which your drivers start and end routes.  For example:

  • a city headquarters
  • a warehouse
  • a central kitchen
  • a parking lot

Hubs can be assigned to one or more teams however teams can only be assigned one hub at a time.

To create a hub, navigate to the Team tab and click the + button. Add a name, valid address, assign a team and click "Create Hub." If an address is not recognized, you can use latitude/longitude coordinates. 

Note: Hubs without team assignments are only visible to administrators. Hubs with team assignments are visible to administrators and dispatchers assigned to the same team.


To edit an existing hub, double-click on the hub name or select it and click Edit...

To delete a hub, select it and then click the - button in the bottom right corner.


Note: The Hub functioned is available when the "Route Optimization" feature is turned on in the "Add-Ons" section of the administrator account. 

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Dispatcher Setup

A dispatcher is a dashboard user who views and/or manages drivers and tasks for assigned teams. For example:

  • a driver manager
  • a route planner
  • a customer service agent

Add Dispatcher

To add a dispatcher, navigate to the dispatcher tab and click the + button. Add a name, email address, phone number and assign to a team.

Note: the dispatcher email address must be unique. Sending an invitation to an existing dispatcher email (within any Onfleet organization) will result in an error. If the same email address must be used, a sub-address or plus-address will satisfy the uniqueness requirement (ie: "").



Read-Only Dispatcher

Dispatchers can be designated as read-only users. While the dashboard appearance will not change, dispatchers with the read-only permission will not be able to add, update, or delete drivers and tasks on their assigned teams.

To restrict dispatchers to read-only, check the box labeled "Read Only" when adding or editing a dispatcher. If making a change to an existing dispatcher, ensure they log out and log in to ensure this change is applied.




Edit a Dispatcher

To edit an existing dispatcher, double-click on the dispatcher's name or select it and click Edit to open the Dispatcher details. 

You can then change the dispatcher's name, email and contact email.

Note: When you change a dispatcher's contact email, the dispatcher will receive an email notifying them of the change and the change will not take into effect until the dispatcher confirms the change via email. 

Once your edits are done, select "Save". 


To delete a dispatcher, select the dispatcher and then click the "- " button in the bottom right corner.


Once removed, the dispatcher will no longer be able to log in to your organization's dashboard and all of their settings will be deleted. However, the tasks created or assigned and any data created will not be affected.

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Driver Setup

Drivers are assigned to one or more teams and complete tasks in the field using the driver app on Android or iOS.

Find more details on managing Drivers here.

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Resetting an Admin Password

The admin password can be easily reset through the login screen. Simply start by opening the page

Here you will be prompted for your login credentials. Simply click Forgot at the bottom of this screen.




Enter the email address used to create the admin account for your organization. This email must be unique to your organization and cannot be used by any other Onfleet dashboard.




After you enter the unique admin email address, click Reset Password.




An email will be sent to the address provided in the previous step with the subject line "Reset Your Password". Be sure to check your spam folder. Click the Reset Password button within this email.




You will then be taken to a portal that will allow you to update the password associated with this admin account. Enter the new password and click Continue.




You will then be returned to the original login screen where you can enter the admin email address and new password that you just reset.



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