Organization Settings

In this article, you will get acquainted with the structure of your Onfleet organization and its settings. To view how to set up your organization's team members and drivers, please go to our Organization Setup article. 


This article covers: 



Organization Settings

Click the gear icon in the top right of the dashboard to access settings.



From the Organization tab you can configure your organization's settings: 




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Organization Logo

Click on the logo icon to insert a custom organization logo. File format must be either JPEG or PNG, and the size must be smaller than 3MB.



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 Organization Name

The organization name can be changed by typing the updated name in this text field. Save the changes by clicking Done in the bottom right.




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Organization Country

The country can be changed by selecting the correct country from the dropdown menu. This will affect which time zones are available. Save the changes by clicking Done in the bottom right.




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Organization Time Zone

The organization's time zone can be changed by selecting the correct timezone from the dropdown menu. Save the changes by clicking Done in the bottom right.




Show local times based on location

This option will allow you to view the tasks based on the timezone of their location. For example, if your dispatcher is based in California and they are dispatching tasks to a team in New York, then they will view the task completion times in the Eastern time zone. 


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User Settings

The user settings section is where your organization can change the administrator log-in email, organization phone number, and administrator name.


Admin Email Address

The admin email used for the organization can be changed by selecting "Profile" from the "Settings" page.  Save the changes by clicking Done in the bottom right.

A confirmation email will be sent to the new email that has been entered. Changes to the admin email will not apply until this confirmation has been completed.




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Organization Phone Number

The organization phone number can be set up in the Admin "User Settings".  This phone number is used if routing calls from recipients to dispatchers are preferred.  




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Resetting an Admin Password

The admin password can be easily reset through the login screen. Simply start by opening the page

Here you will be prompted for your login credentials. Simply click Forgot at the bottom of this screen.




Enter the email address used to create the admin account for your organization. This email must be unique to your organization and cannot be used by any other Onfleet dashboard.




After you enter the unique admin email address, click Reset Password.




An email will be sent to the address provided in the previous step with the subject line "Reset Your Password". Be sure to check your spam folder. Click the Reset Password button within this email.




You will then be taken to a portal that will allow you to update the password associated with this admin account. Enter the new password and click Continue.




You will then be returned to the original login screen where you can enter the admin email address and the new password that you just reset.




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