Customized Recipient Experience

In this article, you will explore how Onfleet offers a range of premium, custom branding features designed to leave your customers or recipients delighted! 

This article covers:

Overview and Custom tracking page domain and branding

Organizations looking to customize their tracking page URL can opt into Onfleet’s Custom tracking page domain and branding feature. This feature allows organizations to use a Customer CNAME URL, fully customized tracking page, and branded tracking page with no “Powered by Onfleet” logo. 

Using our custom tracking page domain and branding feature, and dedicated phone number any company can create an Onfleet experience that is fully branded by its own logo, colors, and name. 


The custom domain (via CNAME) includes the configuration of an SSL certificate.

Billing note: Custom branding is included with all Professional plans. For more details please visit our pricing page or click here to open a Support Ticket.


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Hide Driver Name in Recipient Tracking Page

Dispatchers can choose whether to display the name of the drivers within the recipient tracking page.

To do this, simply go to the settings at the top right within the dashboard. Then navigate to the "Tracking Page" tab and click on the "Customize..." button. On the left side, you will see the checkbox to either display or hide the driver's name within the tracking page.

Be sure to click "Done" to save the changes to your tracking page settings.

Take a look at this video to see exactly how to change these settings within your dashboard:

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Collect Feedback from Recipients

You can enable a feedback form on the tracking page upon task completion, allowing your recipients to rate and provide feedback on their delivery experience.

To enable this feature, open Settings > Tracking > Customize


Then check the "Enable feedback" box.

You must also have the {trakLink} tag inserted into one of your automatic notifications in order for this to be surfaced. This tag is included by default in the Task Started notification, but you may wish to create a notification with the Task Completed trigger and insert the {trakLink} tag again to encourage feedback.


An example of this rating link would look something like this:




If the recipient chooses to leave feedback and clicks on the link, they will have the opportunity to leave a five-star review in a feedback portal that looks like this:




Once collected, you can access the feedback through the task export feature or by opening the completed task modal within your dashboard (photo of that below):


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Contactless Signatures

For the safety of your drivers and recipients, you can allow recipients to provide signatures via their personal devices allowing for a contactless transaction.

You can provide a link to your recipient through your organization communication (we recommend either the `Task Started` or `Task Arriving` triggers) and the recipient will be directed to a secure page where they can view their driver's name, ETA and provide their signature. The signature attachment can then be viewed in the Completed Task Details. 

Select the "Communication" tab under your organization settings:


Select either "Edit" or the "+" symbol on the bottom right to create a new notification. Once in the notification section, select the drop-down menu for "Insert Tag" and select {signatureUrl}.


Select "Save" to save your changes and refresh your browser to ensure all changes are applied.

Your recipient will receive the SMS communication and will be able to click the URL and provide their signature, which your team can then view and access once the task has been complete. 






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