Create a Hub

In this article, you will learn about the Hub function within Onfleet and how to create one. To be able to create a hub, your organization will need to turn on the "Route Optimization" option. 

A Hub is a central location from which your Drivers start and end their routes. A few examples of Hubs are your city headquarters, a stocking warehouse, a central kitchen, or the home address of a specific Driver.

Hubs can be assigned to one or more teams, however, teams can only be assigned one hub at a time.

To create a Hub, navigate to the "Team" tab of your organization's Admin settings. Click the "+" on the bottom right corner of the "Hubs" section to define your first Hub. Input a name and valid address, and select  "Create Hubs". Alternately, coordinates can be used to create a hub at a location not available through the standard address interface.


Once a Hub has been successfully created, you will be able to associate it with a new or existing Team.


If you'd like to make changes to your Hub, you can either do so in the Team tab of your dashboard's settings or by double-clicking on the hub icon on your map. This will select the team(s) the hub is associated with and open up an editing modal.




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