Communication Tags

In this article, you will learn about the tags used in the creation of notification templates for recipients. 

Tags are variables that are replaced with text at the time the notification is sent. You can see a preview of what these tags translate into at the bottom of the notification details view.

  • Recipient Name - {recipientName} - The name of the recipient for this task
  • Driver Name - {workerName} - The driver assigned to this task
  • ETA - {eta} - The estimated time of arrival for the driver to reach the recipient
  • Vehicle Description - {vehicleDescription} - The year, make, and model of the vehicle used by the driver
  • License Plate - {vehicleLicensePlate} - The driver's license plate
  • Driver Phone number - {workerPhone} - The driver's phone number
  • Task ID - {taskShortId} - The Task ID, as seen from the Onfleet dashboard
  • Address (Short) - {destinationAddressShort} - The recipient's street address (without city, state, or zip code)
  • Address (Long) - {destinationAddressLong} - The recipient's street address (including city, state, and zip code)
  • Tracking Link - {trakLink} - a link that the recipient can click on to track the driver's location in real-time (to customize this web view, see the recipient tracking page). Once a task has been completed, this link can be enabled to automatically convert into a feedback page
  • Organization Name - {creatorName} - The name of your organization, as specified in Admin settings
  • Executor Name - {executorName} - The name of the organization that has been delegated to complete this task (for use with connected organizations)
  • Merchant Name - {merchantName} - The name of the organization that originally created this task (for use with connected organizations)
  • Contactless Signature - {signatureUrl} - a link for the recipient to provide a signature for their task through their personal device and removes the need for contact on the driver's device. The signature can be viewed within the completed task details

We do our best to handle various circumstances appropriately, for example:

  • If a task is started when the driver is within 150 meters of the destination and you have notifications set up with Task Started, ETA and Driver Arriving triggers, we will only send the Driver Arriving notification.
  • If the driver loses connectivity when the ETA is 12 minutes and re-gains it when the ETA is 6 minutes, but there is a 10 minute trigger set up, it will use the actual ETA (6 minutes) in the notification that gets sent, provided you used the appropriate {eta} tag rather than entering "10 minutes" directly into the notification text.

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