Call and SMS Billing

In this article, we will cover how to view your organization's Call and SMS billing and explain SMS billing. 

This article will cover: 

Call and SMS Billing Records

To download a copy of your organization's Call and SMS records log into your Onfleet account owner dashboard. Select "Settings" then click on the "Billing" section. 

Once in the "Billing" section, select "Download Telephony Records" to view a download of your organization's Call and SMS records. 

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SMS Billing

Text messages are charged per segment; Onfleet supports long messages of up to 1600 characters across all Programmable Messaging channels, including SMS. However, for SMS messaging, Onfleet recommends sending messages that are no more than 320 characters to ensure the best deliverability and user experience.

When your organization sends an SMS message containing more than 160 characters, the message is split into smaller messages for transmission (segments).  Large messages are split into 153-character "segments" and sent individually, leading to individual charges for each segment. 

If you include non-GSM characters, such as Chinese script or emojis, in SMS messages, those messages have to be sent using the UCS-2 encoding. Messages containing any UCS-2 characters will be limited to 70 characters. UCS-2 messages of more than 70 characters will be split into 67-character segments.

To learn more about GSM 7-bit characters, go here. 

Onfleet bills for every segment sent, so if you have a message with 140 characters and only one or two of these characters are UCS-2, you can avoid the cost of the second segment by removing the UCS-2 characters.

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