Organization Structure

In this article, you will get acquainted with the structure of your Onfleet organization. 

This article covers: 

Account Owner & Administrator

The account owner is the creator of the Onfleet organization. The account owner will have access to all the same functions as administrators; however, Account Owners are the only users who have access to billing information for an organization.

Each organization has one account owner. 


The organization administrator can configure the organization, and add and manage:  teams, hubs, dispatchers, and drivers. The administrator can also access analytics for the entire organization and any connected sub-organizations. 

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The "Teams" function groups drivers and dispatchers, and can be used to segment an organization by geographic area, operational unit, or any other desired structure.

The administrator has access to all teams while dispatchers and drivers only have access to teams they have been assigned.

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A Hub is a central location from which your drivers start and end routes. For example:

  • A city headquarters
  • A warehouse
  • A central kitchen
  • A parking lot

Hubs are created by administrators and can be assigned to one or more teams. However, teams can only be assigned one hub at a time.

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Dispatchers are added by the administrator and are assigned to one or more teams. A dispatcher is a dashboard user who views and/or manages drivers and tasks for assigned teams. For example:

  • A driver manager
  • A route planner
  • A customer service agent

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Drivers are added by the administrator of an organization or a dispatcher and are assigned to one or more teams. They complete tasks in the field using the driver app on Android or iOS.

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Tasks represent pickup or delivery work to perform at a destination. For example:

  • Delivery of groceries or meal kits
  • Delivery of a medicine prescription
  • Pickup of laundry or dry-cleaning
  • Pickup of a retail/e-commerce return

Tasks are completed by drivers using the driver app on Android or iOS.

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