Time Zones

In this article, you will learn how time zones function within Onfleet and how to change the settings for the time zones for your organization, dispatchers, and tasks. 

This article will cover: 

Organization Time Zone 

The time zone for your organization can be set in the Administrator account. To set your organization's time zone, log into the administrator account, select "Settings" and then set the time zone under the "Organization" tab. 


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Dispatcher Time Zone

A dispatcher's dashboard will reflect the time zone their device is set to. 

Active tasks and unassigned tasks will have their time displayed according to the device’s time settings. For example, if a dispatcher is viewing active tasks while on a computer with an EST timezone, then the tasks displayed will be in EST time zones.

However, when exporting tasks and viewing exported task data, the data will be displayed according to the organization’s time zone.
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Route Optimization Time Zone

When optimizing tasks, the option to set the date and timezone for the route is available. Timezone defaults to the dispatcher's current timezone; however, dispatchers can edit the timezone for the Route Optimization by selecting the drop-down option for the timezone located beside "Date". 

This can be used if you have team members creating routes for teams or drivers in different time zones. For example, a dispatcher in an EST time zone can create a route for a driver in a PST time zone and ensure the tasks reflect the driver's area by selecting the correlating time zone beside "Date". 


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Task Time Zone

If you are managing teams in different time zones or tasks for recipients in different time zones, you have the option to select "Show local times based on location".  This can only be set under the administrator account, in the "Settings" menu.


This option will allow you or dispatchers to view the tasks based on the timezone of their location. For example, if you are based in California and are dispatching tasks to a team in New York, then they will view the task completion times in the Eastern time zone.


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