Shopify (n8n)

In this article we will explore how to create an Onfleet Task on n8n when a Shopify Order is made. You can automate your order-to-delivery process with this simple workflow.  

In this article, we will be using Shopify’s "Order Created" trigger and Onfleet’s Create Task endpoint as our example of setting up the notification. 

This requires you to have already created an Onfleet node workflow. You can find the details here: Create an Onfleet Task using the workflow

The Steps for this integration are as follows:

Creating a Private App for Shopify

To create a Shopify credential on n8n Workflow, you will first need to create a Shopify Private App on your Shopify store.

  1. Go to your Store Admin Page
  2. Press Apps
  3. Scroll down to the bottom to “Develop App for your Store”
  4. Create an app


This will then allow you to get the needed information to connect your n8n Shopify node to your Shopify store.

  1. Go to API Credentials
  2. Clicking on install app, write down Admin API access Token, API Key, API Secret Key - you will need all three items to create your Shopify connection on n8n.



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Create a Shopify Node on n8n

Next, we will create a "Shopify Node" on n8n to connect with the Onfleet node.

  1. Click on the + sign in the top right corner.
  2. Search for Shopify Trigger.
  3. Select Shopify Trigger.


After you have created the Shopify Trigger Node, we will have to enter the credentials from your Shopify Store to connect your Shopify Store to your Shopify node.

  1. Create new Shopify Credential
  2. Input previous recorded API keys from Shopify apps
  3. Shopify API goes into API Key
  4. Admin Access Token goes to Password
  5. API Secret Key goes to Shared Secret



After you have entered the required information, it should look something like this:n8n_shopify.png


Then choose an event you would like to start your integration with. For our purpose, we will use Order Created. Please select Order Created on the Topic dropdown.


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Connect Shopify Node to Onfleet

Once we have finished creating the Shopify Private App, and Shopify node, and connected them together, we are ready to connect them to the Onfleet n8n node and create a task in Onfleet.

  1. Drag the Shopify Node to Onfleet Node


  1. Press Execute Workflow at the bottom of your n8n template


  1. Create a Test Order on Shopify


  1. Click on Onfleet Node
  2. Click on Add a destination


  1. Click on Destination Address


  1. Check your Onfleet Dashboard for the task:



Congratulations, you have successfully connected Shopify to Onfleet via n8n. 

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