Release Notes 2021-Q4




  • Look for the new Task Details column in the Table view of your dashboard. The Task Details column allows you to sort and search through any long-form data entered into this field.
  • Organizations with a high number of teams can enjoy improved dashboard performance.
  • Now you can easily copy and paste coordinates from the map view into the longitude and latitude fields with a single click.

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  • The Contactless Signature URL can now be accessed through the API, makings it easier to share with your customers on other platforms. Simply query the task via the Quickstart Guide.
  • All-new PHP API Wrapper helps PHP integrators build connections to Onfleet even faster.
  • We enhanced the scoped API key creation experience to include webhooks in the dashboard. See the section on Scoped Webhooks for details.
  • There are now additional parameters in the List Tasks endpoint. Specify tasks assigned to a Team(s) and/or Pickup/Dropoff task type.

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Driver Apps


  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes

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