Release Notes 2021-Q3


Route Optimization, Task, and Driver Settings Screens

  • Dispatchers can now change route optimization parameters before tasks are dispatched to drivers.
  • New layouts and additional guidance to improve usability.
  • Driver selection in Route Optimization wizard now displays teams in the current dashboard filter only.

Additional Task info in the Sidebar

  • Destination Name, Address Lines 1 and 2 are now visible in the sidebar.

Simplified task assignment in the map view

  • Assign tasks from the right-click menu in the sidebar.
  • Task assignment order is retained when reassigning from one driver to another, preventing common drag and drop errors.


  • Organization tab has been reorganized for clarity.

Dashboard Help Center

  • Access the Help Center from the dashboard via the purple question mark in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Support articles are suggested based on what you are viewing in the dashboard.
  • Product updates appear in the Announcements section as they go live!


General Improvements

  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes

New Language Support

  • Russian, Polish, and Hebrew added.



New webhooks: Driver Created, Driver Deleted

  • Get notified when drivers are created or deleted so that you can keep all of your employee systems in sync.

Task Updated wehbook includes more Driver information

  • Task Updated now includes driver name, phone number, and display name.

SMS Opt Out webhook

  • Get notified when a recipient replies "STOP" to opt-out of SMS notifications. 
    • Included info: timestamp, SMS message, and recipient data.  

Create hubs from the API

  • Now create hubs from the API. 




  • Significant speed and performance improvements!
  • User login experience and security enhancements.


  • Improved configuration experience to ensure compliance for regulated industries.