Make (formerly Integromat)

In this article, you will learn about using Make (formerly Integromat) to integrate Onfleet to other web apps. Make is a free tool that helps you to automate manual processes, without needing code and connects with over 850 apps including calendars, Slack, Gmail, etc.

Make allows organizations to either pull information from their Onfleet tasks or trigger task creation, updates and deletion; it also allows you to make API calls using Onfleet’s API - removing the need to use separate software for integrations and API requests. 


This article will cover:



Setting up a Scenario

Integromat allows for easy integration between Onfleet and other useful web applications, making task creation and other Onfleet automation very easy. Within Make, these integrations are called "Scenarios". 


1. To begin, log into your Make account and from your dashboard “Create a New Scenario”: 



2. From the Services screen, type in “Onfleet”, select the Onfleet logo then click on “Continue”:



3.  Next, you can click on the "Onfleet" logo to select which trigger you would like to select for your automation.


4. From here, you will be asked to enter your Onfleet API key to confirm which account the information will be pulled from. Once you have entered that, select “Ok” to move onto the next step.



Now that you've set up a trigger, you will then select which app you would like to connect with Onfleet. You can choose from hundreds of apps such as Slack, G-Suite, Email, Discord, etc.

To select the app you would like to connect the Onfleet integration with, select "Add Another Module", then either use the "Search" section to search for your preferred app or select from the hundreds of integrations Integromat offers. 




Depending on the integration you select, you will be guided by Make to sign into the integration or provide log-in credentials for the specific integration you have selected. 


Once you are satisfied with the integration you have set up between Onfleet and your selected app, you can choose the "Run Once" option to test the integration. Onfleet recommends you perform the action you want to be triggered within your Onfleet dashboard to ensure it is running correctly. For example, if you selected a trigger of "Create Task" then create a task within your Onfleet dashboard when you are running your test within Make.


When your test is successful, you can select the “Scheduling” option to schedule when you would like the integration to run. Integromat offers a variety of schedule types such as immediately, at regular intervals, on specified dates, and more. 


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Editing a Scenario

Make allows users to pause, edit or delete their previously created scenarios. To proceed with this, log into your Make account and select "Scenarios" from the left-hand menu. 




Once you are in your "Scenarios" dashboard, you can quickly turn off or on the scenario or delete it. To edit the scenario, click on the scenario itself and you will be taken to the dashboard to edit the details for the apps within the scenario.


The scenario dashboard will also display logs with any errors or notifications. 


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For further assistance with your Integromat integration, you can review the Make support center or email the Onfleet Support team