Canadian SMS Short Code

In this article, you will learn about the Canadian SMS Short Code that is applicable to all our Canadian users.  As part of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), the Canadian government requires the use of a shortcode number and opt-in functionality for the delivery of any App-to-Person (A2P) communication. 

This article will cover:

Canadian Short Code Overview

As mentioned above, the Canadian government requires the use of short code to send any App-to-Person (A2P) communication. 

A short code is a usually 4-6 digit SMS-only number, that is commonly used to solicit recipient consent before sending intended communications.  Shortcodes have an extremely high throughput compared to standard long code and toll-free numbers and are ideal for high traffic outbound and inbound notification use.  While using Onfleet, your organization's short code will be `66358`. 

Occasionally, Canadian carriers consider Onfleet delivery notifications “A2P” or App-to-Person communications while these types of communications are allowed via SMS they require the recipient to give consent and are technically restricted to shortcode only use.  As a result of this, Canadian telephony carriers frequently block Onfleet SMS notifications to recipients via standard long code or toll-free numbers.  

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Use of Short Code

Onfleet offers a Canadian-specific short code, dedicated to sending SMS communications to Canadian recipients for our Canadian customers.  The use of this short code provides the best-assured delivery of notifications to your recipients and conforms with Canadian telephony regulations and carrier policies. Meaning carriers no longer systematically block your organization's SMS communications to your recipients. 


  • Once your recipient’s task has been assigned to a driver, your recipient will receive an SMS notification via the short code which contains an opt-in request, asking them to either opt-in to receive the updates once or to allow all future delivery notifications. 
  • If a recipient does not respond, Onfleet will not be able to send them SMS communications and delivery notifications. Onfleet will retry with another opt-in request the next time a task for this recipient is assigned to a driver.
  • If a recipient replies with “STOP” at any time to the shortcode, Onfleet will no longer be able to send them SMS communications. 

Note: At this time, opting in or out may affect notifications about deliveries from other organizations. Everyone in Canada will have the same short code, opting-in to all notifications will allow all delivery updates from all Canadian organizations. Alternatively, opting-out will mean that they won’t be able to receive SMS notifications about any deliveries

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How long does an opt-in last?

If the user has opted for a one-time opt-in, it will last 72 hours. If additional SMS communications are queued up after 72 hours, another opt-in request will be sent

In the event the recipient subscribes to the opt-in SMS, notifications will continuously be sent. 

What happens if a recipient has a new task before the 72 hours opt-in period is finished?

If additional SMS notifications are triggered before the 72 hours opt-in period closes, these messages will be sent without any additional authorization from the recipient required.  

What happens if a recipient doesn’t respond to the opt-in request?

If a recipient does not respond at all to an opt-in request, no SMS communications can be sent.  Onfleet will try again with another SMS opt-in request the next time this recipient has a task that gets assigned to a driver.  

What happens if a recipient previously opted out (replied STOP) but my organization now needs to re-enable notifications?

The recipient will need to message START to the short code number and they will start receiving messages once more. 

What if my organization has Canadian and US recipients?

Use of the Canadian shortcode is limited to organizations that have recipients in Canada or are sending SMS Canadian phone numbers.  If your organization has both Canadian and US recipients, tasks for US recipients may need to be managed in a separate dashboard in order to ensure SMS notifications are delivered.  

What happens if a recipient has a non-Canadian number?

SMS notifications may not be sent to that recipient's number.  

Additional Questions?

Please contact the Support team

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