In this article, you will learn about the Blaze and Onfleet integration. 

This article covers:

Blaze Integration

BLAZE™ is an enterprise resource planning platform for the legal cannabis industry and with Onfleet's integration, it allows Blaze users to consolidate their operations into one dashboard, stay proactive with real-time ETA's and reduce costs by identifying/eliminating bottlenecks, and much more.  With this integration, your team is also able to track time, distance, and performance data of drivers to accurately compensate them. 

This integration supports Onfleet task creation, Status updates via Onfleet webhooks, Driver tracking, custom metadata, and driver management. Meaning this integration allow you to: 

  • Assign in Onfleet will assign in Blaze if inventory is available.
  • Delete in Onfleet which removes the connection in Blaze. (You still have to close it in BLAZE).
  • Update the scheduled time in Onfleet and it will update the scheduled time in Blaze.
  • Complete an order in Onfleet, however, the order will still need to be completed in Blaze. 
  • The dispatch section will show the order was completed in Onfleet.

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The workflow for your Blaze + Onfleet integration will be as follows: 

  1. An order is placed either online or via phone to a Blaze user. 
  2. Online orders - Your dispatcher will review the order and accept it. 
    Phone orders - Your dispatcher adds the user, creates the order, views available drivers/inventory. 
  3. The order is then assigned to an Onfleet team. 
  4. The task is created in Onfleet with order details within the task notes. 
  5. The driver will use Onfleet to start tasks, view order details, and navigate to the task location. 
  6. The driver will use the Blaze app to capture a signature, DL images, and cash out the order. 
  7. The task will then be automatically closed within Onfleet. 

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If you are running into any errors with your Onfleet integrations please feel free to reach out to the Onfleet Support Team at We strongly recommend reaching out to Blaze's support team as well, since some issues may be originating on the partner's end and Onfleet is unable to view activity on third-party integrations. 

Usually, the most common causes of errors may be due to location and task completion times. Since Onfleet uses Google Maps API to geocode all task locations, we recommend you cross-reference your task address in Google Maps to ensure the location information is correct and in the correct format. 

Task completion times must be in the future, and tasks that are past-dated are, unfortunately, unable to be created or completed within the Onfleet integrations. 

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