Route Zones: Operations [BETA]

In this article, you will learn how to operate the Route Zones feature after you have set it up. To set up Route Zones, please go here. 

Note: Route Zones is currently available on Scale plans and above. 

This article will cover: 

Preview Route

To preview your routes in a designated zone, start by selecting the filter option on the dashboard and selecting the date you would like to preview. 

Once you are on the correct date, select the “Route Zones” icon from the top right corner of the dashboard. 

After selecting the “Route Zones” icon, you will be able to select the Route Zone you would like to preview by double-clicking it. This will open the operating screen which will then allow you to set the date and time.

The task preview will be shown on the map in grayscale and task load numbers will be displayed per zone. 

Note: If a task zone is shown in red, this indicates that a max task threshold has been reached and/or passed. 

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Optimize Route

Once ready to optimize your tasks, select the Route Zones instance you would like to use and click "Optimize within..." located on the bottom left to proceed.

A preview window will pop up to display the information for the tasks within the Route Zone, if you are satisfied with this information select “Optimize”.

If your routes have been successfully optimized, you will view a confirmation window showing the optimization is complete. Routes will then be assigned to drivers based on the settings you have placed per zone, and any routes with no driver will be placed under the “Team” for the selected zone.

Tasks within zone/route that exceed the “Max Task Capacity” or other thresholds will be left unassigned, this usually tells us that tasks included in some zones exceeded the individual thresholds. 

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Troubleshooting and Tips

  • Task Counts in red indicate that the "Max Tasks" threshold for a particular zone has been exceeded.
  • All of an individual zone’s settings and thresholds can be edited as needed.
  • Zone polygons can be adjusted at any time to accommodate changes.
  • If your drivers cannot start routes before a specific time or you want to ensure that routes do not exceed the amount of time allotted for a driver shift you can leverage a defined "Start Time" or "Max Duration" for each routed zone.
  • Clicking on the route tiles will quickly highlight all the tasks in a route.

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