Route Zones: Set-Up [BETA]

In this article, you will learn how to configure Route Zones in your dashboard. To view how to operate your Route Zone, please go here. 


  In this article you will find:   


Define the Service Area

To begin, you will need to select the “Route Zones” icon on the top left-hand toolbar to open the Optimization Service area window:

Then, you can select the small “+” sign at the bottom right corner of the window to add a new Route Zone:


Now you can define the service area you would like to use for the Route Zone, you can use an existing JSON file or draw the file within the modal by selecting the “Create” option:


If you select to draw the service area on the modal, you can do so by using your cursor to mark points within the map to mark the outline of the Route Zone. To complete the polygon that covers the Route Zone, click back on the initial point to close the polygon. 



Once you are content with the Route Zone, you can then finalize the details by naming the Zone, selecting a team to the Route, selecting the local timezone, and then selecting “Create” at the bottom right corner to save.


To create more Route Zones, you can follow the steps above.  You can also overlap zones and tasks in overlapped areas will be considered for each zone and assigned to the most efficient route.  


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Create Route Zones

Now that you have the service area set-up, you can create your route zone within the service area. To do select the small "+" symbol under the "Route Zones" section:


To create the Route Zone you can draw the polygon to cover the zone, name the zone, select the color option, and enter/confirm other details & thresholds.




Select "Create Route Zone" to save your changes, and repeat as necessary for the service area then select "Update" to save changes to service area. 


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