Release Notes 2020-Q2

Barcode scanning improvements

Barcode scanning has been further enhanced to support the blocking of any barcode not explicitly required on a task. Learn more in our Barcode Requirement Scenarios.

Route optimization capacity changes

The route optimization wizard no longer blocks an optimization if there is insufficient driver capacity. Tasks that can’t be assigned due to the capacity shortfall will now simply not be added to a route.

Customize pin appearance

Dashboard map pins can now be modified with colorful triangles to denote special task characteristics or levels of urgency. See our API docs for more information.

Accessibility enhancements 

We recently introduced a number of accessibility enhancements for iOS, including allowing drivers to adjust their screen colors, text size and contrast to improve readability and to compensate for color blindness. Accessibility settings can be controlled from your iOS and Android system settings.

New languages

Our driver apps now support German, Italian, Dutch, and Arabic, joining English, French, and Spanish! On login, the app will recognize the OS level language and display the appropriate one automatically. 

Driver out-of-country call alerts

To avoid surprise phone charges, drivers will now be warned if they are about to place an out-of-country call from within the Onfleet driver app. 

Zapier updates

Zapier is an automation tool that lets you connect your apps with one another - no code required. Onfleet has harnessed the power of Zapier with a major round of upgrades. Details can be found here.

New BETA: Self Assignment

Operations that prefer to operate without a dispatcher can now designate a team eligible for Self Assignment, allowing tasks assigned to that team to be manually “claimed” by drivers from their mobile app. Note, this feature does not currently support linked tasks. Learn how to enable a team for self assignment here

Bug Fix: Task failure notes

Onfleet resolved a bug that caused Task Failure notes to be stored as Task Completion notes. Task Failure notes now appear in the correct field (for exports and API.) To avoid impacting existing workflows, Task Failure notes will continue to be appended to Task Completion notes until September 30th, 2020. After September 30th you will only find Task Failure notes in their appropriate field. 

New onboarding webinars!

Want to get new employees trained faster? Let us handle the basics with our Onfleet 101 and 102 onboarding webinar series. Watch pre-recorded webinars or register for live events here