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In this article, you will find helpful links to the support center articles you need during initial setup and basic operations.

This article covers:

Quick Start Admin

Get to know the structure of Onfleet

Onfleet has multiple types of objects including admins, teams, hubs, dispatchers, drivers, and tasks. Learn more about these objects and their relationship to one another in Organization Structure.

Invite others from your organization

Segment and organize your people operations by setting up Teams and inviting Dispatchers and Drivers to your organization.

Discover Advanced Features

Enable advanced features to customize your usage of Onfleet in the Add-ons tab of your organization settings.

Tailor your customer experience

Customize and send automatic SMS messages in Communications and Notification Settings

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Quick Start Dispatcher 

Explore the dashboard 

The dashboard is the foundation for your operations.  Get acquainted with the tabbed interface, different functionality and view options in Dashboard Overview.

Learn how to create and assign tasks

Task creation and assignment can both be done programmatically through an integration, as well as manually.  Learn how to create tasks from the dashboard in Task Overview. Once created assign them in Task Assignment.

Navigate the dashboard

Utilize dashboard filters and search to hone in on specific parts of your operations.  Explore best practices in Dashboard Filters and Search.

Communicate with your team 

Onfleet Chat enables organizations to communicate without ever having to leave the dashboard or mobile app. Learn how to start conversing in Onfleet Chat.

Download the Dispatcher Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start Driver

Learn the basics of the Driver App

After accepting an invitation to download and install, the driver app enables drivers to execute deliveries with ease. 

Download the Driver Quick Start Guide

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Additional Resources

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