Self-Assign Tasks

In this article, we will cover how to self-assign tasks that are unassigned in your team or organization account through the driver app. 

Note: This add-on must be enabled by your organization's admin for you to be able to access it. 

Begin by logging into your Onfleet driver app and going "On Duty". Once on-duty, you will be able to view the tasks assigned to you by selecting either the "Today" or "All" category on the top toolbar.

If your team has the "Self-Assign" add-on enabled, you will then view a new category for "Unassigned".


To view available unassigned tasks, select the "Unassigned" option on the top toolbar. You will also be able to filter the unassigned tasks by different categories such as completion window, recipient name, and task creation time. To filter your tasks select the "Sort by" option located under the top toolbar.

Select a task to view the task details such as recipient name, address, delivery window, and, task notes. If you would like to assign the task to yourself, you can then hold and press the "Hold to Claim" option.

Once the task has successfully been assigned, you will then be able to view it under your task lists, under the "Today" or "All" categories depending on the completion dates for the task. 

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