Adding a Courier Client

In this article, you will learn how to add a Courier client to your organization and how to view the client order and order details.  As a courier, you can invite your Clients to connect with your Onfleet organization so they can enter and send orders to your Onfleet organization.

Any orders a client creates will be assigned to your organization to be completed, and you can view the orders on your dashboard. 

This article will cover:

Adding a Client

To add a client to your Courier organization, you can log into your account and select "Settings", then go to "Connections", then click the "+" icon.


This will open the "Add a connection" window where you can enter a new email, and select "Client" as the connection type. If you don’t see “Client” as an option for connection type, please contact support to let them know you are a courier.

Your client will then receive an email invitation to create a client organization which will be connected to your organization.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 11.20.07 AM.png

Once your client has created their client organization via the email invitation, they will be able to log into the Client Portal. Your client can now create and view order details:


The client's dashboard will have a table view of the tasks, the ability to create custom notifications, and customize the tracking page for their tasks.

Note: Each order a Client creates will result in a linked pickup and dropoff task in your Onfleet organization in an “Unassigned” state. Learn more about linked tasks here.


Order View

When a client creates an order, you will be able to view it on your dashboard in either the Map View or the Table View.  

If you are viewing the order in the table, you will be able to add a column for the order ID and the client name. 

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Order ID

When a client creates an order on their dashboard the order will have it's own unique ID number, your organization will be able to view this ID on the task details and table view. The Order ID will also be visible in any task exports your organization may perform. 

The Order ID is also searchable in the search toolbar on the Map view and related tasks and recipients will be returned.

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Rejecting an Order

If a client assigns an order to your organization that you are unable to fulfill, you can reject the order so that it is returned to the client. 

To reject an order, you can right-click on either the pick-up or drop-off order and select "Reject client order"

Once you have selected "Reject client order", you will be required to input a reason for the rejection. 

After you select "Reject order" you will see a rejection confirmation on your dashboard and the order will be returned to your client's dashboard. 

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