Phone Requirements and Restrictions

Operating System

Onfleet Driver is available only for Apple iOS 13+ Android 7.0+ phones and tablets.

Existing iOS 12 users are able to use the Onfleet driver app but will not be able to update to newer Onfleet app versions. 

Existing Android 6.0+ users are able to use older versions of the Onfleet app.

Windows, Blackberry, and Huawei mobile devices are not supported.

Rooted devices

Due to the security issue posed by rooted and jailbroken devices, Onfleet does not recommend these types of devices be used for the Onfleet app. 

Onfleet apps rely on the operating system for certain security guarantees, which cannot be relied on when the device is rooted.

If an organization opts to use a rooted or jailbroken device, it is at their discretion and they are responsible for any security risk imposed on their organization by using the device.