Driver Mobile Data Usage

In this article, you will discover details about the mobile app, and the data usage to expect while running the app.

This article covers:

Mobile Data Usage

All drivers using Onfleet must have mobile internet access. Driver daily mobile data usage varies by use case. Organizations that require photos and/or signatures upon task completion tend to have the highest mobile data usage rates.

Average daily driver data usage:

  • Upload: 200 KB - 1.8 MB
  • Download: 500 KB - 1.5 MB

Maximum observed daily driver data usage:

  • Upload: < 10 MB
  • Download: 5 MB

Note: All photos are automatically compressed before being sent to Onfleet to reduce size.

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Telephony fees (text/SMS messages and voice) apply to all drivers who communicate with recipients, at the rate charged by the driver's mobile carrier.

Drivers outside of the US: International organizations are provisioned with dedicated phone numbers local to the organization's location, call anonymization will use the dedicated phone number for routing. SMS/voice fees may be applied by the driver's carrier in this case.

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