Driver Settings

In this article, you will learn how to access your Onfleet mobile app account settings and find important information regarding your account.

This article covers:


To access the "Settings" page of the driver application, you can select the three vertical lines at the upper-left corner of the app. 

Once there, you will have the opportunity to adjust your Name, Phone Number, Profile Picture, Vehicle Type, License Plate Number, Vehicle Color, Default Navigation App, and Language.

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Navigation Preference

Under the "Settings" section of the driver app, you can select your preferred navigation app, which Onfleet currently supports (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Here, 2Gis, Sygic, and Co-Pilot). Make all desired changes and tap "Done" to save.

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Auto Advance 

Turn on "Auto-advance to the next task" for a streamlined workflow.  This can be turned on or off within the settings tab in the driver app by clicking the radio button.


When using the app, and upon completing a task- the app will then automatically queue up the next task on the list.

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Remind Task Completion

The 'Remind Task Completion' setting is enabled by default. When enabled, this setting alerts drivers via push notification to mark the task as completed in the case that the driver leaves the active task's destination. 


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App Version

To find what version of the app you are running, go to "Settings", then scroll down to the bottom to view the app version.

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App Language

The Onfleet driver app is currently available in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Bangla, Hebrew, Polish, Japanese and Hindi. 

(Optional) If you are on iOS 13 or newer and wish to override your default system language, follow these steps to change the language in your Onfleet app:

 1. Go to your iOS device's "Settings" and scroll until you find "Onfleet" in your app list.

2. Select "Onfleet" to view App Settings, then select "Preferred Language" 

3, You can now select your preferred language from the list of languages Onfleet supports. Select "Return" and open your app to confirm changes have been applied. 

If you are on an Android device, the Onfleet app language will be based on your phone's language settings.  

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