Dashboard Analytics

In this article, you will learn about Onfleet's analytics tab which allows organization administrators and dispatchers to view historical task and driver data in actionable graphics.

This article covers:

Analytics Tab

To access your organization’s Analytics page, simply login to the dashboard and click the "Analyze" tab at the top of the map view. 


You can modify the period, team, and driver parameters in the upper right corner of the page to fine-tune your view and specify the analytics you would like to view.


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Analytic Metrics

Task analytics are broken up into five key metrics:

  • Completed Tasks (Succeeded or Failed)
  • Delay Time
  • Service Time
  • Task Type (Drop-Off and Pickup)
  • Feedback

Simply click on each metric to take a closer look at the associated data.


Driver analytics are broken up into two metrics:

  • Distance (In-transit and Idle) traveled
  • Time (In-transit and Idle) while on-duty


This data is particularly useful for employee timesheet tracking and mileage reimbursements. As with task analytics, simply click on each metric to zero in on the associated data.

  • Time (Day, Week, Month)
  • Day of Week, Hour of Day
  • Drivers by using the drop-down menu beneath the bar graphs.

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How Analytics are calculated

  • Completed Tasks: tasks per hour = (total task count/time all drivers spent active)
  • Delay Time: minutes per task = (total minutes delayed for all tasks, each at most 90 minutes) / total number of delayed tasks
  • Service Time: minutes per task = (total minutes for all tasks, each at most 30 minutes) / total number of all tasks
  • Task Type: drop-off to pick-up ratio = (number of drop-off tasks/number of pick-up tasks)
  • Feedback: stars = average rating
  • Distance: unit per task = (total distance active + total distance idle) / total number of tasks
  • Time: minutes per task = (total duration active + total duration idle) / total number of tasks

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Driver Mileage Analytics

Onfleet provides distance calculations that are based on GPS locations recorded while the driver has marked themselves as "on duty" in the driver app. Onfleet has constructed a system to calculate distances in a reasonable and efficient manner; however, the calculations may not line up exactly with those created using other methodologies: different calculation approaches can lead to different outcomes, and some data points may be lost throughout the day due to network conditions or device issues.

In addition, idle mileage may be less accurate as the Onfleet driver app polls more often while tasks are active, due to this most organizations use only the "active" task value.

While the calculations are reasonably accurate, a vehicle's odometer may be more accurate, with the important distinctions that:

1. The odometer would need to be set/reset in sync with the driver going on or off duty.

2.  The vehicle's instruments themselves are accurate.

If your organization uses the Onfleet driver analytics to calculate payroll, it is important to understand that inaccuracies are possible for the reasons mentioned above, so it is important to have a method for resolving any disputes. 

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Analytics Export

Dispatchers can download a .zip file containing CSV formatted data used in each of the analytics visualizations. This data can be used for custom analytics outside of Onfleet or stored for future reference.

To perform an analytics export, click the "Export to .csv" button found in the right-hand panel.


The analytics export window allows the dispatcher to specify the period, team, and driver that are included in the export. Analysis data can be grouped by date, month, hour of the day, week, day of the week, and/or by the driver. Each report grouping that is selected will produce a separate CSV for that analysis.


Analytics History

Your analytics history is based on your billing tier:

  • Launch: 90-day
  • Scale: 1-year
  • Enterprise: Unlimited

For more details please visit our pricing page or click here to open a Support Ticket.

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