In this article, you will learn how Onfleet supports the ability to link your operations directly with other organizations. From online food ordering businesses to local restaurants, or online flower shops to local florists, tasks can be created by one organization and fulfilled by another connected organization while maintaining a unified recipient experience.

This article will cover:


Connect to another Onfleet organization

Only organization administrators can connect with other Onfleet organizations. You can request to connect with another organization by going to the "Settings" section of your account, selecting the  "Connections" section. Once you are in the "Connections" section, select the "+" button then add an email to send a connection invite to the organization in which you are trying to connect.


If you are connecting with an existing Onfleet organization, send the request to the organization's admin email. They will be prompted to accept your connection request. If the email address is not in use as an organization email, they will be prompted to sign up for Onfleet. 

Once connected, you can start delegating tasks to them or receiving tasks that they assign to you.

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Allow Task Editing by Connected Organizations

By default, your connected organizations are not able to edit, delete, or reject tasks that have been delegated to them.

If you would like to allow your connected organizations to edit delegated tasks, navigate to the Connections Tab in your Admin's Settings. Then, check the box Allow task editing.

Once selected your connected organizations will be able to edit the details of your delegated tasks; such as the task type, task notes, address, or time windows.

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Allow Task Rejection by Connected Organizations

By default, your connected organizations are not able to edit, delete, or reject tasks that have been delegated to them.

If you would like to allow your connected organizations to reject delegated tasks, navigate to the "Connections" section in your account settings. Then, check the box for "Allow task rejection".

Your connected organizations are able to reject tasks directly from the sidebar via the right-click of a single or multiple selected task(s).


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Assign a Task to be Completed by a Connected Organization

Once you are connected to another organization, you will be able to assign tasks to them by choosing the organization's name from the dropdown upon creating or editing a task.

Checking the box "Use notification settings for ..." will ensure that the recipient of the assigned task will receive SMS notifications according to the configuration of the executing organization.  Otherwise, the recipient will receive notifications according to the organization that is creating the task.

The task will appear in your map and sidebar, under the organization it was assigned to, but you will not be able to see the driver it's assigned to until the task has been started.

Once the organization has started the task, you will be able to see the driver's location and other information on your dashboard. You can edit and delete the task until it has been started.

When a task has been assigned to an organization, it will appear in the dashboard's sidebar and map. However, they will only be able to assign it and will have read-only access to the rest of the task's fields unless you allowed for task editing and/or task rejection.

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Accept a Connection Request from Another Organization

If another organization requests to connect with you, you will receive an email prompting you to accept their request. It will look like this:


Once you sign in to your account and accept, you will be able to assign tasks to and receive tasks from, the other organization.

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Complete a Task Assigned by a Connected Organization

If an organization you are connected to assigns a task to your organization, it will simply appear on the map and sidebar in your dashboard as unassigned

You can then assign it to one of your drivers as if you had created the task. The only difference is that you will be unable to edit most of the task's attributes (other than the assigned driver) or reject the task unless your connected organization has given you permission to do so.

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Remove a Connection

You can remove a connection at any time by clicking the "-" button in the "Connections" section under "Settings". This will prevent the other organization from being able to delegate tasks to your organization and vice versa.

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Multi-brand: Add a New Sub-Organization

Onfleet customers with an Enterprise plan have the ability to create multiple Onfleet organizations at no additional cost via the multi-brand account support feature.

This is a useful feature for larger companies that operate in multiple geographic regions.

To add a new sub-organization:

  1. Log in as the admin user of the main organization.
  2. Go to the "Connections" section in "Settings". 
  3. Enter the email address of the admin for the new sub-organization. Please note that it cannot be an email address already in use as an Onfleet admin/dispatcher.
  4. Have the new admin user check their email inbox for an email from Onfleet with the subject: 'X wants to connect with you on Onfleet', and click the link to set up the new organization. They will additionally be connected with the main organization, which will allow cross-organization task assignment and some other multi-organization features.


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