Keyboard Shortcuts

In this article, you will learn how utilizing keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys can save you time and clicks when managing your operations.

Both administrators and dispatchers can set the option to use the keyboard shortcuts on their dashboard. For administrators, select "Settings" then click on "User Settings; while dispatchers can set this option under "Settings" and "Profile". 

Note: Keyboard shortcuts apply only to the Onfleet dashboard (they do NOT apply to other views like Analytics, Table view or mobile dashboard).

Here's the full list of the keyboard shortcuts:






Show help modal Opens help window to access user guides, demo videos, contact support, etc.  ? key  ? key
 Create new task  Opens new task window  T key  T key
 Create new driver  Opens window to create and invite a new driver  D key  D key
 Import tasks  Opens import task window for uploading a file or batch of tasks   key  key
 Export tasks  Opens window to export and download a csv of task data  E key   E key

 Center in map

 Center on any task(s) highlighted in sidebar, or centers back to where there are tasks on map  Z key   Z key
 Select all (contextual)  If sidebar task selected, then all tasks in grouping will become selected.  If no sidebar task selected, then all Unassigned tasks become selected  hold CMD + key  hold CTRL + key
 Deselect / cancel action  Cancels an action, or removes any selection in progress  ESC key  ESC key
 Show all drivers  Animates driver location of all "on duty" drivers  CMD key  CTRL key
 Select tasks in range (sidebar)  Select/ highlight multiple tasks from sidebar  hold SHIFT + use mouse  hold SHIFT + use mouse
 Add task in selection  Select/ highlight a task and add more tasks to selection  hold CMD + use mouse  hold CTRL + use mouse
 Select tasks in a region (map)  If using map overlays- select all (unassigned) tasks within map region- typically used with Route Optimization  hold SHIFT + use mouse  hold SHIFT + use mouse
Link tasks Select task to drag onto another task to link the tasks together  hold OPTION + use mouse  hold ALT + use mouse
 Show diagnostics  Opens diagnostic window to detect any common browser issues  hold OPTION + SHIFT + L  hold ALT + SHIFT + L
 Delete all tasks  Allows for deletion of tasks based on chosen constraints   hold CTRL + OPTION + SHIFT + C  hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + C

Here's a video that will walk you through the keyboard shortcuts available within your dashboard: