Task Management

In this article, you will learn a few extra tips and tricks for managing tasks. 

This article covers:

Force Complete a Task

You can force complete and in-transit tasks through the dashboard. A force complete may be needed due to something happening while the driver is on a task that would prevent them from completing the task within the app.  A few examples could include:

  • Driver simply forgets to complete a task
  • Device runs out of battery while active on a task
  • Order is canceled by the customer while delivery is in progress

The driver will receive a push notification in their app when a task is force completed.

Note: The task must first be started by a driver before the 'Complete Task' option is available in the right-click menu.  

There are two ways to force complete a task from the dashboard:

Right-click on the task in the sidebar

Right-click on the active task in the sidebar and select "Complete task" from the options to reveal the force complete task view. From there, you can mark the task as "successful" or "failed", leave notes and choose whether to notify the recipient.


Double-click on the task in the map

You can also double-click on the active task in the map to reveal the same force complete task view. From there, select from the same options outlined above to complete the task.

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Edit Task Completion Status

You can update the status of a task after it has been completed. An example would be if a driver erroneously marks a task as "Failed", the dispatcher would then have the ability to edit the status to "Succeeded" and vice-versa. 

To edit a task's status, select the task from the dashboard (either by double-clicking the task in the "Map" view or selecting the task ID from the "Table" view) to view the task details/history.

Once the task details modal is opened, click the "Status" section:


Once you select "Status" the "Edit Task Completion Status" modal will open and allow you to change the completion status and add any information regarding the change. 


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Reverse Task Order

As a dispatcher, you can quickly reverse the order of the tasks on a driver's task list with a few clicks. This can save you time and eliminate mistakes when reshuffling tasks within your dashboard. Double click on the driver's name, then choose the actions drop-down before selecting "reverse task order":

Here's a full video that will walk you through how to reverse the task order:

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Update task order from Map view

You can manually update a driver's task order while on the map view in the dashboard by clicking down on a task pin, and dragging the task pin to the order you would like it to be in. A gold line will appear which indicates the task that will be inserted next in that driver's route.



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Customize Task Pin

Using the Onfleet API, you are able to customize a task's map pin through a `triangle color` parameter. This feature allows users to flag tasks in case of urgency, recipient status, special requirements, etc. Current color options are teal, magenta, and orange. 


To view how to add the appearance object within your API request, please go visit our API documentation

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