Tracking Page

In this article, you will get insights into what your customers will see on the driver tracking page, and areas where you can customize this page to your brand and business.

The Tracking page tab allows an admin to configure the driver tracking page that customers receive.




This area will provide a preview of what your customers will see when tracking their active delivery.



Customize button

Clicking the Customize... button at the bottom of this tab will allow an admin to configure various elements within the tracking page.



Customize tab

This is the page you will see when clicking the Customize... button.



Customize accent color

Here an admin can apply a custom accent color to reflect company branding throughout the tracking page.



Customize image

Here an admin can choose to include the organization logo, driver photo or neither within the tracking page.



Customize details

Here an admin can choose to include the driver's vehicle/transportation details, name and destination details to provide further information to the customer.



Customize communications

Lastly, an admin can choose to allow a customer to call, text and/or provide feedback to the driver.