Add a new sub-organization

In this article, you will learn how to add a sub-organization to your current  Onfleet organization. 

Onfleet customers with an Enterprise plan have the ability to create multiple Onfleet organizations at no additional cost via the multi-brand account support feature.  This is an especially useful feature for larger companies that operate in multiple geographic regions.

To add a new sub-organization:

  1. Log in as the admin user of the master organization
  2. Go to the Connections tabSettings > Connections
  3. Enter the email address of the admin for the new sub-organization. Please note that it can't be an email address already in use as an Onfleet admin/dispatch.
  4. Have the new admin user check their email inbox for an email from Onfleet with the subject: 'X wants to connect with you on Onfleet', and click the link to set up the new organization. They will additionally be connected with the master organization, which will allow cross-organization task assignment and some other multi-organization features.