Add a New Sub-Organization

In this article, you will learn how to add a sub-organization to your current  Onfleet organization. 

Onfleet customers with an Enterprise plan have the ability to create multiple Onfleet organizations at no additional cost via the multi-brand account support feature.  This is an especially useful feature for larger companies that operate in multiple geographic regions.

To add a sub-organization:

  1. Log into the organization owner account. 
  2. Select the "Settings" icon located at the top right corner of the dashboard. 
  3. Go to the "Connections" tab in the "Settings" window. 
  4. Enter the email address of the administrator for the new sub-organization.
    Please note the email must be unique and not already in use in Onfleet. 
  5. Select "Sub-Organization" for the connection type.
  6. Select "Send Invite"
  7. Have the new administrator user set up the new organization via the email invite they receive.

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