Add-ons tab

The Add-ons tab allows an admin to turn on and off various advanced dashboard features. Simply toggle the switch below the listed add-on to apply the changes within your dashboard. 

Note: Available features are based on the pricing plan for your organization. If you see Upgrade Required where the toggle switch would be, please upgrade your organization's plan to access that feature.



Linked tasks feature

Enable the Linked Tasks feature to specify task completion order and trigger dependency customer notifications. Learn more about this feature in the Linked Tasks support article.



Route optimization feature

Enable the Route Optimization feature to to utilize our automated route planning engine. Learn more about this feature in the Route Optimization support article.



Onfleet chat feature

Enable the Onfleet Chat feature to utilize our chat platform and allow dispatcher to driver communications without having to leave the Onfleet app. Learn more about this feature in the Onfleet Chat support article.



Estimated completion time feature

Enable the Estimated Completion Time feature to display the estimated completion times of all assigned tasks within your dashboard. Learn more about this feature in the Estimated completion time support article.



Barcode scanning feature

Enable the Barcode Scanning feature to enable our barcode capturing feature upon task completion and proof of delivery. Learn more about this feature in the Barcode Scanning support article.