Driver mobile data usage and telephony

Mobile data usage

All drivers using Onfleet must have mobile internet access. Driver daily mobile data usage varies by use case. Organizations that require photos and/or signatures upon task completion tend to have the highest mobile data usage rates.

Average daily driver data usage:

  • Upload: 200 KB - 1.8 MB
  • Download: 500 KB - 1.5 MB

Maximum observed daily driver data usage:

  • Upload: < 10 MB
  • Download: 5 MB

Note: all photos are automatically compressed before being sent to Onfleet to reduce size.



Telephony fees (text/SMS messages and voice) apply to all drivers who communicate with recipients, at the rate charged by the driver's mobile carrier.

Drivers outside of the US: call anonymization uses a US-based phone number for routing, unless a dedicated phone number has been provisioned. International SMS/voice fees may be applied by the driver's carrier in this case.