Driver display name

Dispatchers can change a driver's display name in all messaging received by recipients. If left blank, Onfleet defaults the driver display name to the driver name. 

This is especially useful if drivers are added by first and last name for organizational purposes, but displaying the first and last name might be a bit too formal or intrusive for your customer facing messaging, or if you want to maintain control of your recipient experience (drivers can change their name in the app, but the display name can only be configured through your dashboard).

This driver display name will be used in all SMS messaging that contains the {workerName} tag, and in the live tracking page if you are displaying the Driver Name attribute.


Changing the driver display name

There are two ways to set the display name: via the Onfleet API and in the dashboard.

To set the driver display name via the API, use the displayName property (details here).

To change the driver display name in the dashboard, simply open the dashboard settings and click on the Drivers tab



Select the Drivers tab on the left side of the settings.



Next, double-click on a driver's name (or highlight a driver's name and click Edit...) and enter a name in the Display Name text field. Click Save to confirm the display name change.

Dispatchers can also edit driver details by double-clicking on a driver's name in the side bar and clicking Edit.



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