Driver app tab

The Driver app tab allows a dispatcher to change various settings within the mobile driver app.




In this section, a dispatcher can check the box determining whether to warn a driver when they are starting a task within their queue that is out of the originally assigned order.



On completion

In this section, a dispatcher can set proof of delivery requirements for their drivers upon task completion. The currently supported POD forms include:

  • customer signature
  • parcel photo
  • barcode scan

These proof of delivery items can also be set to various requirement levels, including:

  • required: driver cannot complete a task without capturing this item
  • enabled: driver can capture this item, but can complete the task without having it
  • enabled, with warning: driver can capture this item and if they try to complete a task without it, they will receive a warning message
  • disabled: driver does not have the option to capture this item upon task completion

The check box at the bottom of this section will allow drivers to upload photos from their camera roll to satisfy any above mentioned completion requirements.