Add a map overlay with color

Adding a map overlay is a great way to enhance your organization's dashboard view. You can add color to this overlay to customize the map view even further, like the screenshot below:



Simply follow these steps to create a map overlay with color: 

1. Create Map Overlay

Create a GeoJSON map overlay with the tool of your choice; we recommend the free tool:



2. Add a Color to Properties

Within the JavaScript editor found in the builder, add a color to the properties like so: "color":"#AA81F3" (see example on the right in the screenshot below). 

Save this file as a GeoJSON. 



3. Add Map Overlay to Onfleet Dashboard

Simply add this map overlay by opening the Organization tab within your Onfleet settings. Scroll to the bottom of that tab and select Add a Map Overlay... and select the GeoJSON file that was saved in Step 2. The overlay should be reflected within the dashboard immediately.



You should now see a map overlay with color within the dashboard map view. For more basic map overlay information, be sure to check out this support article.