Release notes (updated June 15, 2018)

Please see below for an updated list of recent Onfleet release notes

Release Update - July 15, 2018

🐞 Fixes/improvements


Release Update - June 11, 2018

🐞 Fixes/improvements

  • Task quantity now displayed to driver in task details on mobile app (when quantity is set to a non-zero value)
  • Display Route Optimization ID within dashboard in Route Optimization modal
  • Pending organization invites are shown upon mobile app login
  • If a driver is on duty and attempts to switch organizations within their mobile app, they are first prompted to first switch off duty of the current organization
  • Updated alert sounds
  • Fixed bug related to metadata export feature
  • Fixed bug related to route optimization requiring a page refresh to display auto-assignment of optimized tasks
  • Increased Route Optimization task limits


 Release Update - June 1, 2018

🎉 New features

  • Driver is alerted with push notification and alert across all platforms when a task assigned to them has been force completed by dispatcher within the dashboard

🐞 Fixes/improvements

  • Mobile map integration enhancements 


Release Update - May 25, 2018

🎉 New features

  • If task has not been started when navigation is selected within driver app, driver is prompted to start task prior to migrating to navigation app
  • Driver is alerted if they attempt to go off-duty, but still have tasks assigned with time windows for the same day 
  • Driver is alerted with push notification and alert when a task assigned to them has been force completed by dispatcher within the dashboard
  • Updated alert sounds

🐞 Fixes/improvements

  • Enhancements to map view within mobile app
  • Add quantity to mobile task view
  • Hubs without teams are now only visible to super-admins while hubs with teams are only visible to dispatchers of those teams
  • Android photo capture now reflects the orientation of the original photo that was taken by the driver (portrait or landscape)
  • Remove photo cropping from photo capture 
  • Update to login error messaging and support materials 
  • Language changes reflect all buttons within mobile app 
  • Enhanced map view transition from Task List view to Map view 
  • Allow navigation app on device to request access to device location


Release Update - May 18, 2018

🎉 New features

  • Driver now receives a push notification when a task is force completed within the dashboard
  • Metadata is now included in task export .csv files
  • Complete before/complete after times are now optionally displayed in dispatcher's timezone
  • Driver quick search can now be used when creating a task and in Drivers tab in dashboard settings
  • Added option to hide driver name from the recipient tracking page
  • Dispatchers can now force idle drivers off duty from dashboard
  • Performance Mode can now be enabled from Organization tab in dashboard settings, to improve smoothness for dashboards under heavy load

🐞 Fixes/improvements

  • Barcode scanning support for longer barcodes and QR codes 
  • Estimated Completion Time for active task now considers explicit service time overrides (if provided)
  • Improvement route optimization error messaging
  • Improvement to Route Optimization team visibility
  • Improvement to chat icon rendering within dashboard
  • Improvement to language support within Android driver app 



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