Force complete task

An in-transit task can be completed manually by a dispatcher in the dashboard. Normally this is needed because something happened while a driver was active on a task, preventing completion from the driver app. A few examples could include:

  • driver simply forgets to complete a task
  • device runs out of battery while active on a task
  • order is cancelled by customer while delivery is in progress

The driver receives a push notification in their app when a task is force completed.

Note: the task must first be started by a driver before the 'Complete Task' option is available in the right-click menu.  

There are two ways to force complete a task from the dashboard:

Right-click on task in the sidebar

Simply right-click on the active task in the sidebar and select "Complete task" from the options to reveal the force complete task modal. From there, you can mark the task as successful or failed, leave notes and choose whether to notify the recipient.



Double-click on task in the map

You can also double-click on the active task in the map to reveal the same force complete task modal. From there, select from the same options outlined above to complete the task.