Driver import

The driver import feature can be used to batch-create new Onfleet drivers. The process is very simple:


  1. Download this CSV file which has the following column headers: worker_name, worker_phone, worker_team, worker_vehicle

  2. Fill in the columns with the information for each driver that you want to upload into your dashboard with the following format parameters (important to follow these rules):
    • worker_name: First Last (spaces okay)
              Ex: Jason Terry

    • worker_phone: ########## (no spaces)
              Ex: 2025558722

    • worker_team: Must match the team name in dashboard exactly (recommended to copy and paste directly from dashboard)
              Ex: Downtown South

    • worker_vehicle: must be all caps

Note: "walker" is the default option. Therefore if no transportation mode indicated, or anything other than the above options- then "walker" will be used.


  1. Save your spreadsheet as a .csv


  1. While logged in as the organization admin, navigate to Settings > Drivers. Click the "Import..." button, click “Choose File…” ---> select the .csv that you saved ---> upload of drivers should complete automatically



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